A New Agenda for Peace and Security

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A New Agenda for Peace and Security

15 May 2023

Valletta, Malta


InterAction Council Members

  1. The Hon. Bertie Ahern, Co-chairman, former Prime Minister of Ireland


  1. Dr. Thomas S. Axworthy, Chair of Public Policy, Massey College, University of Toronto (Canada)

Special Guests

  1. H.E. Ambassador (ret.) Hans Corell, Former Under-Secretary-General for Legal Affairs and the Legal Counsel of the United Nations (Sweden)
  2. Ms. Rut Einarsdottir, Chair, Icelandic Human Rights Centre; One Young World Ambassador (Iceland)
  3. Mr. Nicholas Fogg, Writer, Journalist, and Lecturer (UK)
  4. Mr. Ibrahim Jalal, Non-resident Scholar, Middle East Institute (MEI), One Young World Ambassador (Yemen)
  5. Dr. Rebecca E. Johnson, Director, Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy (UK)
  6. Mr. Mats Karlsson, Vice President, World Bank, 1999-2002 (Sweden)
  7. Ms. Anya Lazarova, Area Security Manager in multinational IT company; One Young World Ambassador (Bulgaria)
  8. Dr. Kerstin Leitner, ex-UN Resident Coordinator, China; former Assistant Director-General, WHO Geneva (Germany)
  9. Prof. Dr. Mykhailo Minakov, Senior Advisor, Kennan Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (Ukraine)
  10. Dr. Carole Nakhle, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Crystol Energy (UK)
  11. Dr. Joanna Nurse, Strategic Advisor, InterAction Council; Director for the Platform for Planet Place and People (P4PPP), Commonwealth Centre for Digital Health; Chair, International Working Group, Existential Risks for Humanity (ER4H), World Academy of Art and Science (UK)
  12. H.E. Amb. Francis Martin O’Donnell, Former SMOM Ambassador and UN Resident Coordinator (Ireland)
  13. Dr. Zachary Paikin, Nonresident Research Fellow, Institute for Peace & Diplomacy; Researcher, Centre for European Policy Studies (Canada)
  14. Mr. Jannis Poestges, One Young World Ambassador (Germany)
  15. Hon. Allan Rock, Professor Emeritus and former Professor of Law, University of Ottawa (Canada)
  16. Dr. Moneef Zou’bi, Science Advisor, InterAction Council; Emeritus Director General, Islamic World Academy of Sciences (Jordan)