Pluralism and Global Governance

4-5 April 2001

The Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts

Chaired by Malcolm Fraser

List of participants

Council Members
1. H. E. Mr. Malcolm Fraser, Chairman
2. H. E. Dr. Oscar Arias
3. H. E. Mr. Abdel Salam Majali

Special Guest
4. Mr. Seiken Sugiura, MP, House of Representatives of Japan (Representing Finance Minister Kiichi Miyazawa)

High-level Experts
5. Dr. Joseph Nye, Dean, the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
6. Mr. Alex Ashiabor, Executive Chairman, Metropolitan & Allied Bank Ltd., Ghana
7. Prof. Thomas Axworthy, Executive Director, Historica, Canada
8. Prof. Archie Brown, FBA, St. Antony's College, University of Oxford, UK
9. Prof. Cary Coglianese, Assoc. Prof., Public Policy, Harvard University
10. Prof. Rolf. D. Cremer, Pro Vice Chairman, College of Business, Massey University, N.Z.
11. Prof. Ross Garnaut, Prof., The Australian National University, Australia
12. Mr. Qin Huasun, Vice-Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, CPPCC, PRC
13. Mr. Nagao Hyodo, Prof., Tokyo University of Economics, Japan
14. Mr. Peter Jay, Economics Editor, BBC, UK
15. Dr. Joachim Krause, German Society for Foreign Affairs, Germany
16. Prof. Robert Lawrence, Prof., Harvard University
17. Dr. Ahmad Moussalli, Prof. American University, Beirut,Lebanon (Representing former Prime Minister Salim Hoss of Lebanon)
18. Dr. Robert I. Rotberg, Prof., Science and International Affairs, Harvard University
19. Dr. Neal M. Rosendorf, Adjunct Lecturer, Public Policy, Harvard University
20. Prof. Amin Saikal, Director, Center for Arab and Islamic Studies, Australian National University
21. Dr. Dmitri Trenin, Deputy Director, Carnegie Moscow Center, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Russia
22. Mr. Karsten D Voigt, Co-ordinator, German- American Cooperation, Germany
Partial participants
23. Mr. Jamil Mahuad, former President of Ecuador
24. Prof. David Gergen, Co-Director, Center for Public Leadership, JFK School, Harvard Univ.
25. Prof. Ronald Heifetz, Co-Director, Center for Public Leadership
26. Prof. Barbara Kellerman, Executive Director, Center for Public Leadership
27. Ms. Laura Liswood, Secretary-General, Council of Women World Leaders
28. Prof. Hugh O’Doherty, Lecturer in Public Policy, Center for Public Leadership
29. Dr. Riley Sinder, Director of Emerging Technologies, Center for Public Leadership
30. Mr. Scott W. Webster, Assistant Director, Center for Public Leadership
31. Prof. Dean Williams, Lecturer in Public Policy Center for Public Leadership