Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi

Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi

Prime Minister of Malaysia 2003-2009

Date of birth:

Born 1939.


B.A. in Islamic Studies, University of Malaya, 1964

Professional experience and political career:

  • Minister, Prime Minister’s Department 1981-84
  • Minister of Education 1984-86
  • Minister of Defence, 1986-87
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs, 1991-99
  • Former Chairman, South-East Asian Nations
  • Chairman of the Tenth Islamic Summit Conference, Organization of Islamic Conference
  • Former Chairman, Non-Aligned Movement
  • Founder Patron, The World Islamic Economic Forum
  • Chairman, Malaysian Institute of Islamic Understanding
  • Founder Patron, Institute of Advanced Islamic Studies, Kuala Lumpur
  • Adviser to Malaysia’s Regional Growth Corridors and Malaysia Airlines
  • Board Member, BOAO Forum for Asia
  • Board Member, World Muslims Foundation
  • Chair, Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group (2010-2011).