Implications for Geopolitics: Arctic Biodiversity, Development, and Cooperation

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Associate Members

  1. The Rt. Hon. the Baroness Margaret Jayof Paddington, Former Leader of the House of Lords (UK)



  1. Dr. Thomas Axworthy, Chair of Public Policy, Massey College, University of Toronto (Canada)


Special Guests

  1. Ms. Åsa Larsson-Blind, President of the Saami Council; representing the National Union of the Swedish Saami People (Sweden)
  2. Dr. Dalee Sambo Dorough, International Chair, Inuit Circumpolar Council (USA)
  3. Mr. Craig Fleener, Senior Advisor to Governor Bill Walker of Alaska on Arctic Policy (USA)
  4. Mr. Aleksi Härkönen, Chair, Arctic Council (Finland)
  5. Mr. Magnus Jóhannesson, Special Advisor on the Arctic, Icelandic Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Iceland)
  6. Mr. Matt Jones, Head of Programme, Business and Biodiversity, United Nations Environment Program (UK)
  7. Dr. Dwayne Ryan Menezes, Founder and Managing Director, Polar Research and Policy Initiative (PRPI) (UK)
  8. Dr. Alexander Shestakov, Head of Division, Scientific and Policy Support, Convention on Biological Diversity (Russia/Canada)
  9. Mr. Dana Tizya-Tramm, Councillor, Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation (Canada)
  10. Mr. Tero Vauraste, Chair, Arctic Economic Council and President, Arctia (Finland)