Strengthening Global Governance to Prevent Threats and Reduce Risks to Human Existence

youth council photo, credit Helen Corvus

A High-Level Meeting to strengthen global governance for existential threats was convened by the InterAction Council and One Young World at the House of Lords in London on the 9th January 2024.  The purpose of the meeting was to outline a process and a plan, through the creation of an intergenerational Global Security Council for Existential Threats, responsible for the design and delivery of a strategy and action plan.

Honourable Bertie Ahern, Co-chair of the InterAction Council stated: “The very future of human existence is at perilous risk from the increasing impacts posed by the planetary emergency, further pandemics, conflicts and wars, combined with emerging technologies.  Placing young leaders at the centre of systems and solutions is pivotal for creating the kind of world that we want.”

To mark this transformation, Ella Robertson McKay, Managing Director of One Young World, co-chaired this High-Level meeting with the InterAction Council, building upon the recent establishment of the Global Youth Security Council for Existential Threats at the One Young World Summit in Belfast. Going forward, young leaders will act as a key driver to secure the future of humanity by co-chairing the proposed intergenerational Global Security Council for Existential Threats.  

Follow up actions will be further advanced at the InterAction Council plenary in the spring of 2024 which is planned to be hosted by China. Next steps outlined at the meeting include inviting members to the first intergenerational meeting of the Global Security Council for Existential Threats. This will be combined with a series of High-Level Expert Meetings to formulate a living strategy supported by the development of committees that coordinate actions. Committed partners are already working together to advance an advocacy campaign and a digital platform for Planet, People and Peace.

The InterAction Council advisor, Dr Jo Nurse welcomes further partners, stating that: “Everyone is affected by existential threats, and everyone can make a difference in their own way, by contributing collaboratively to create flourishing communities for a secure, sustainable world and future for all.”

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