Unilateralism and Collective Responsibility

20 June 2003

Moscow, Russia

List of Participants

Chaired by Malcolm Fraser

InterAction Council Members

1.   H. E. Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Honorary Chairman (Germany)

2.   H. E. Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, Co-chairman (Australia)

3.   H. E. Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, Co-chairman (Japan)

4.   H. E. Prime Minister Evgeny M. Primakov, Organizing Chairman (Russia)

5.   H. E. President Oscar Arias (Costa Rica)

6.  H. E. President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie (Indonesia)

7.   H. E. President Jerry John Rawlings (Ghana)

High-Level Experts

8.   Dr. Walid A. Al-Turk, Member of the Board of Directors, World Affairs Council (Jordan)

9.   Prof. Thomas Axworthy, Executive Director, Historica Foundation (Canada)

10. Baroness Jay, Chairman of the Overseas Development Institute, London (U. K.)

11. Mr. Jean André François-Poncet, Economist, Former Minister of Foreign Affairs (France)

12. Prof. Kirk O. Hanson, Santa Clara University - California (U. S. A.)

13. Prof. Nagao Hyodo, Tokyo Keizai University (Japan)

14. Mr. S. Karaganov, Deputy Director, Institute of Europe, Academy of Sciences (Russia)

15. Ambassador V. Lukov, Ambassador at Large (Russia)

16. Mr. Robert S. McNamara, former President, World Bank (U. S. A.)

17. Mr. Georgy Petrov, Vice President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Russia

18. Mr. Fritz Stern, Emeritus Professor, Columbia University (U. S. A.)