A Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities

20-22 April 1997

Vienna, Austria

Chaired by Helmut Schmidt

The expert-group, which was convened in Vienna in April 1997, worked on a declaration of human responsibilities. The results of this work were summarized and condensed by the three academic advisors; Prof. Thomas Axworthy, Prof. Kim Kyong-dong and Prof. Hans Küng. Prof. Küng provided a very helpful first draft as the starting point for the discussion. They made recommendations to Helmut Schmidt, who chaired the meeting, Andries van Agt and Miguel de la Madrid. Oscar Arias, a member of the Council, who could not be present, contributed a welcome substantive paper.

The results of this work are contained in the draft proposal for the United Nations entitled ''A Universal Declaration of Human Responsibilities.'' The group submits with pleasure the draft to the InterAction Council and the world community at large.