World Religions as a Factor in World Politics

High-Level Expert Group Meeting

7-8 May 2007

Tübingen, Germany

Chaired by Ingvar Carlsson, Co-Chairman

List of Participants 

IAC Members

1.      H. E. Mr. Helmut Schmidt, Honorary Chairman (Former Chancellor of Germany)

2.      H. E. Mr. Malcolm Fraser, Honorary Chairman (Former Prime Minister of Australia)

3.      H. E. Mr. Ingvar Carlsson, Co-chairman (Former Prime Minister of Sweden)

4.      H. E. Mr. Abdel Salam Majali (Former Prime Minister of Jordan)

5.      H. E. Mr. Franz Vranitzky (Former Chancellor of Austria)

High-level Experts

6.      Dr. A. Kamal Aboulmagd (Islam, Sunni), Attorney at Law (Egypt)

7.      Dr. Kezevino Aram (Hindu), Director, Shanti Ashram (India)

8.      Rev. Dr. Mettanando Bhikkhu (Theravada Buddhist), Special Advisor on the Buddhist Affairs to the World Conference of Religions for Peace (Thailand)

9.      Prof. Hans Küng (Christian), Professor Emeritus, Tübingen University (Switzerland)

10.   Prof. Karl-Josef Kuschel (Christian), Vice President of the Global Ethic Foundation (Germany)

11.   Rabbi Jonathan Magonet (Judaism), Leo Baeck College (U. K.)

12.   Archbishop Makarios of Kenya (Greek Orthodox) (Cyprus)

13.   Dr. Stephan Schlensog, Hindu Expert, Secretary-General, Global Ethic Foundation (Germany)

14.   Dr. Abdolkarim Soroush (Islam, Shia) (Iran)

15.   Dr. Tu Weiming (Chinese religions and philosophies), Harvard University (China)

16.   Dr. Osamu Yoshida (Mahayana Buddhist), Professor, Toyo University (Japan)


17.   Dr. Thomas Axworthy, Professor, Queen’s University (Canada)

18.   Dr. Gunther Gebhardt, Global Ethic Foundation (Germany)

19.   Prof. Nagao Hyodo, Former Ambassador to Belgium (Japan)


20.   Prof. Isamu Miyazaki, Former Minister of Economic Planning (Japan)

The InterAction Council acknowledges with gratitude the support given to the High-level Expert Group Meeting by the Government of Japan, Global Ethic Foundation for Inter-cultural and Inter-religious Research, Education and Encounter, The Sasakawa Peace Foundation and Deutsche Bank.