21st Annual Plenary Meeting

The InterAction Council held its 21st Annual Plenary Meeting in Moscow, Russia, from 21-23 June 2003.

List of Participants

1. H. E. Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, Honorary Chairman (Germany)
2. H. E. Prime Minister Malcolm Fraser, Co-chairman (Australia)
3. H. E. Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, Co-chairman (Japan)
4. H. E. Prime Minister Evgeny M. Primakov, Organizing Chairman (Russia)
5. H. E. Prime Minister Andries M. van Agt (the Netherlands)
6. H. E. President Oscar Arias (Costa Rica)
7. H. E. Prime Minister Valdis Birkavs (Latvia)
8. H. E. Prime Minister James Bolger (New Zealand)
9. H. E. President Miguel de la Madrid Hurtado (Mexico)
10. H. E. President Kurt Furgler (Switzerland)
11. H. E. President Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie (Indonesia)
12. H. E. Prime Minister Gyula Horn (Hungary)
13. H. E. President Jamil Mahuad (Ecuador)
14. H. E. Prime Minister Abdul Salam Majali (Jordan)
15. H. E. President Ketumile Masire (Botswana)
16. H. E. Prime Minister Maria de Lourdes Pintasilgo (Portugal)
17. H. E. President Jerry John Rawlings (Ghana)
18. H. E. Prime Minister Michel Rocard (France)
19. H. E. President George Vassiliou (Cyprus)
20. H. E. President Richard von Weizsäcker (Germany)
21. Dr. Isamu Miyazaki, Secretary-General (Japan)

Special Guests
22. Dr. Walid A. Al- Turk, Managing Director, Walid Al-Turk Drugstore (Jordan)
23. Sheikh Abdul-Aziz A Al-Quraishi (Saudi Arabia)
24. Prof. Thomas Axworthy, Executive Director, Historica Foundation (Canada)
25. Dr. Vladimir Baranovski, Deputy Dirctor, Institute for the World Economy and International Relations (Russia)
26. Baroness Jay, Chairman of the Overseas Development Institute, London (U. K.)
27. Mr. Michael Blumenthal, former US Treasury Secretary (U. S. A.)
28. Mr. Jean André François-Poncet, President of the Senatotial Committee on Regional Planning (France)
29. Prof. Kirk O. Hanson, Professor, Santa Clara University - California (U. S. A.)
30. Prof. Nagao Hyodo, Professor, Tokyo Keizai University (Japan)
31. Prof. Hans Küng, Professor Emeritus, Tűbingen University (Germany)
32. Dr. Lee Seung-Yun, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Korea (Korea)
33. Mr. Vadim Lukov, Ambassador at Large (Russia)
34. Dr. Robert S. McNamara (U. S. A.)
35. Dr. Georgy Petrov, Vice President, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (Russia)
36. Dr. Sergei Rogov, Director, Institute of USA and Canada (Russia)
37. Dr. Nikolai Shmeliov, Director, Institute of Europe (Russia)
38. Mr. Fritz Stern, Historian (U. S. A.)
39. Dr. Teizo Taya, Board Member, Bank of Japan (Japan)
40. Dr. Woo Jong-Ho, Secretary-General, Korea- Japan Cooperation Council (Korea)
41. Mr. Hidenao Yanagi, Director of the Policy Planning Division, The Foreign Policy Bureau, MOFA (Japan)
42. Mr. Vitaly Zhurkin, Honorary Director, Institute of Europe (Russia)

The InterAction Council extends its warmest thanks to the Government of the Russian Federation for its hospitality, and to the Government of Japan and the Government of the Republic of South Korea for their continued generous support.