Ethical and Durable Approaches to Migrant and Refugee Issues

Family photo


InterAction Council Member

  1. H.E. Dr. George Vassiliou(former President), Cyprus


  1. Dr. Thomas Axworthy, Chair of Public Policy, Massey College, University of Toronto (Canada)

Special Guests

  1. Mr. Jean-Louis De Brouwer(Belgium)
  2. Mr. Mamadou Pathe Dieng, President, Université Ahmadou Dieng (Guinea)
  3. H.E. Amb. David Donoghue, Former Permanent Representative of Ireland to the United Nations; Chair, Conciliation Resources (Ireland)
  4. H.E. Amb. Gholamali Khoshroo, Former Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Iran to the United Nations (Iran)
  5. Ms. Meredith Kravitz,Ecosystem Manager, ID2020 (Canada)
  6. Prof. Ahmed Mushfiq Mobarak, Professor of Economics, Yale University (USA)
  7. Ms. Ruta S. Nimkar, Co-founder, Meraki Labs (Canada)
  8. H.E. Amb. Francis O’Donnell, Former SMOM Ambassador and UN Resident Coordinator (Ireland)
  9. Prof. Peter Okebukola, Professor of Science and Education; Director, Centre for Human Security and Dialogue (Nigeria)
  10. Dr. Nicos Peristianis, Chairman, Universitas Foundation (Cyprus)
  11. Dr. Sasha Polakow-Suransky, Deputy Editor, Foreign Policy(USA)
  12. H.E. Prof. Dr. Vesna Pusić, MP, Former Minister of Foreign and European Affairs and First Deputy Prime Minister (Croatia)
  13. Ms. Katja Saha Savarimuthu, UNHCR Representative in Cyprus (Finland)
  14. Dr. Nicos Trimikliniotis, Professor, School of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of Nicosia (Cyprus)
  15. Ms. Natasa Xenophontos-Koudouna, Head of Office, UN Migration Agency (IOM) in Cyprus (Cyprus)

In preparing for this meeting, the InterAction Council was ably assisted by our partners ID2020 and the World Refugee Council, both of which have released recent reports calling for action on refugee and migration issues, available here and here.