Towards a Global Youth Council to Prevent Existential Threats

As part of the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, One Young World held its summit in Belfast on 2-5th October 2023. 

Building upon past collaborative initiatives with One Young World, Bertie Ahern shared reflections on what made the Good Friday Agreement a success as part of a panel discussion, with examples from other countries that drew upon this learning.

The InterAction Council was also pleased to collaborate on OYW's inaugural meeting to establish a Global Youth Council focused on preventing existential threats for humanity that prioritises the voice of generations and communities most challenged and impacted by existential threats.

This high-level meeting was hosted by Bertie Ahern, Prime Minister of Ireland 1997-2008; and co-chaired by Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia 2010-2018, Nobel Peace Laureate, and member of The Elders.

IAC advisor Dr Jo Nurse gave a presentation, which can be viewed here.

OYW participants included:

Tanya Afu, Solomon Islands

Noor Azizah, Australia

Barrise Griffin, Bahamas

Matai Muon, South Sudan

Lloyd Jose Nunag, Philippines

Fatou Senghore, Gambia 

Kolfinna Tomasdottir, Iceland