Statement by the Global Youth Security Council for Existential Threats

youth council photo, credit Helen Corvus

Statement to the House of Lords, UK
9th January 2024

Honourable Members,

I extend greetings on behalf of the Global Youth Security Council for Existential Threats, representing young leaders from 14 countries across 6 continents.

While youth present a great opportunity for the future of their economies and progressive social development, they are often excluded from decision-making processes that affect them.

As a newly formed collective of youth leaders, we stand united in our commitment to addressing and mitigating existential threats to our planet, people,  peace, and prosperity.

To combat global threats, a unified global action is required. Global Youth Security Council for Existential Threats’ purpose is deeply entrenched in strengthening global and multilateral capacities to anticipate, prevent, and alleviate existential threats that imperil society. Our overarching vision resonates with the pursuit of creating a world that thrives in safety and prosperity, ensuring the well-being of generations to come.

We acknowledge the limitations of existing international governance structures in effectively addressing the evolving nature of these threats. Traditional solutions and structures are not equipped to address this new generation of existential threats. Global governance is fragmented, states tend towards nationalism, and decision-makers are guilty of underestimation or denial.

Our collective ambition is to harness the vigor and creativity of youth worldwide, empowering them to partake in building resilient societies and shaping global policies. We strive to create an inclusive space where the voices of young leaders are amplified, ensuring their active involvement in decision-making processes at local, national, and international levels.

While localized solutions are vital to support affected communities, unified global action from a holistic perspective is imperative.

Consider, for instance, community-led reforestation projects in various regions. While these initiatives showcase the power of local action in restoring ecosystems and securing livelihoods, a globally coordinated effort is essential. Collaborative endeavors involving diverse stakeholders and rights holders, including Indigenous Peoples with rich traditional knowledge of their lands and practices, can amplify the scale and effectiveness of such reforestation projects. By taking a rights based approach to collaborations with Indigenous Peoples and incorporating their expertise, these initiatives not only achieve ecological restoration but also promote inclusivity and cultural preservation.

To realize this vision, Global Youth Security Council for Existential Threats aims to pursue a spectrum of objectives:

1. Governance Reform

Advocate for further restructuring existing international and intergovernmental governance models to foster global collaboration in addressing emerging threats. 

2. Sustainable Decision-Making

Advocate for a shift towards long-term and grassroots-driven perspectives in international decision-making to prioritize future generations. This approach lays the groundwork for solutions that are not only environmentally sustainable but also socially equitable and economically viable.

3. Healthcare Infrastructure

Develop a comprehensive plan to bolster global health infrastructure, enhancing preparedness, cooperation, and response to health crises, including preventing future Pandemics, creating one planet health system, and transforming global health security with digital solutions.

4. Conflict Prevention and Resolution

Formulate a coherent strategy to monitor global peace, support sustainable peace-building, and coordinate international conflict resolution efforts.

5. Urgent Environmental Action

Propose policies to safeguard biodiversity across critical ecosystems such as oceans and forests, to fortify environmental resilience and confront the pressing challenges of the climate crisis. This urgent action becomes even more critical when aimed at mitigating the disproportionate impact on vulnerable communities.

6. Promote Ethical Technology Solutions

Advocate for regulated technological innovations addressing threats to People, Planet, Prosperity, and Peace.

The Global Youth Security Council for Existential Threats is committed to fostering collaboration, leveraging partnerships, and advocating for transformative policies to mitigate existential threats. We firmly believe that by tapping into the experience and skills of youth committed to advancing a sustainable and equitable future, and leveraging this from local to national and transnational levels allows youth to hold governments accountable to their commitments.

Thank you for your attention and support. The Global Youth Council for Existential Threats stands prepared to collaborate and contribute towards a safer and prosperous world for all.

Signed by:  

  • Barrise Griffin, Bahamas
  • Ivana Feldfeber, Argentina
  • Fatou Senghore, Gambia
  • Isaac Olufadewa, Nigeria
  • Kolfinna Tomasdottir, Iceland
  • Lloyd Jose Nunag, Philippines
  • Matai Muon, South Sudan
  • Noor Azizah, Australia
  • Prachi Shevgaonkar, India
  • Shadi Rouhshahbaz, Iran
  • Talita Honorato-Rzeszewicz, Poland
  • Tanya Afu, Solomon Islands
  • Victor A. Lopez-Carmen, United States
  • Yuhan Zheng, China