Strengthening Global Governance to Prevent Threats and Reduce Risks to Human Existence

Presentation by Dr Jo Nurse given to the World Federation of Public Health Associations Global Public Health Week on 9th April 2024.


A High-Level Meeting convened by the InterAction Council and One Young World at the House of Lords in London on January 9, 2024, aimed to strengthen global governance for existential threats. The meeting focused on creating an intergenerational Global Security Council for Existential Threats responsible for strategy and action planning.

Bertie Ahern, Co-chair of the InterAction Council, emphasized the urgent need for young leaders’ involvement in addressing existential threats. Ella Robertson McKay, Managing Director of One Young World, co-chaired the meeting, highlighting the recent establishment of the Global Youth Security Council for Existential Threats.

Follow-up actions will be discussed at the 2024 InterAction Council plenary. These actions include convening the first intergenerational meeting of the Global Security Council and organizing High-Level Expert Meetings to develop a coordinated strategy. Partners are collaborating on advocacy campaigns and a digital platform for Planet, People, and Peace.

Dr. Jo Nurse, advisor to the InterAction Council, invites further collaboration, emphasizing that everyone can contribute to creating secure, sustainable communities for a better future.